I don’t get Guns.


Living in Canada we are subjected to American everything. Americans do love their guns and lately with recent unfortunate event the gun debate has been looming large. I don’t understand violence, as an Aspie, I am more of a shutdown vs meltdown kind of guy. Meltdowns for me are reserved for my partner and dealing with the mall. It’s usually sensory, loads of scents and bubblegum pop music. The mall itself has a crazy hum.

As I live in Toronto, the mall that I refer to is, the Eaton’s Centre. Several gang related shootings have happened there in recent years. Below is a pic of my partner and I the day after a shooting at the mall we felt it would be safe and very quiet. Turned out to be my best trip ever we had so much fun. In this photo we are pretending to get shot. I do understand the inappropriateness of it however we Aspie’s are known to not know anything about those rules. I found out because Facebook told me so. I digress, it turns out the guns in these incidents are from the USA. Turns out 80% of all foreign gun crimes are committed with American guns.

Is it an Aspie thing to completely be Naive about gun and our gun culture? Or do we see something that NT’s don’t?




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