Who the heck am I?



Yes who am I? This is an excellent question ask. Well I’m a simple guy that is living with Aspergers. Although the understanding is relatively new to me, which is why I am participating in the exercise of blogging, I have had a deep belief for some time that I have been living with autism.

I am fun loving guy once I let you into my world. If I do. For others you may perceive me as extreme but if you truly take the time to follow me you’ll come to understand that my intention is LOVE. I have no problem calling people on their crap, especially if it has even the slightest tone of oppression which I have to admit is my number one special interest. This can be a little heavy and as people with Aspergers are prone to feeling depressed, I am no stranger to this, I have developed other interests that hopefully counteract such a depressing state.

I obsess all summer over flowers they bring me such joy. And I bake pie OMG I Do love PIE. My cats are the world to me. You will hear many stories about them through out the pages of my blog. My partner is a little blog shy so I have to be mindful of what I discuss but he is my number one priority. I’m deeply dedicated to the process of relating to my partner even though I have Aspergers.

Some parts of my life have been hard, I have always overcome and as time goes on it is my intention to share these stories with you as they come up in my life.



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